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How cards dominate designing in year 2016

How cards dominate designing in year 2016

2016 was the first year when the internet access on the mobile and handheld devices exceeded the internet access on the desktops and laptops. This is why web design is becoming more and more inclined towards the mobile friendly designs. Responsive designing is the name that is heard a lot these days. Responsive design ensures same or better internet user experience on the small screen as compared to the large screens of computers. This is why many simple and minimal interface styles came into picture. The flat designs, such as the cards, have become exceedingly popular these days.

The user interface incorporating the card design is not just about being accessible across screens or the loading time. It is also about the impact it creates on the users. We know that the attention span of the users is quite small. The small sized content packed in a card grabs the attention rather quickly. This feature first became widely popular thanks to Pinterest. However, it became exceedingly popular and thus even the giants like Twitter and Facebook started adopting it. It looks like the card design is already dominating the web and app design in 2016. But there is more to come.

Understanding card design

If you would look at Pinterest, you will see the small blocks or containers containing pictures and some texts. This is the same concept that is being applied by many site owners and app developers. The information is contained within the small blocks or containers. Every card on the page or screen may have its own information independent of the other cards. However, it is usually related to the primary content or heading of the page. The information in one card may also be the continuation of or supplement to the information on the other cards. Just about any type of content can be inside the card including text, images, video, and links.

This concept of filling the device screen with several independent blocks is referred to as the container model. There is no denying that this model makes for completely clutter free and very clean interface.

Cards are dominating the app and responsive web designs

Thankfully, the container model is completely compatible with the responsive designing. This is why some of the experts have gone as far as calling them the future of the web designing. A number of factors have contributed to its success.

First of all, this design style is perfectly suited for the flexible nature of the responsive design. The framework of a responsive design contracts and expands depending upon the device it is being accessed on. These containers automatically restructure themselves accordingly. The container model offers the liberty to the users to choose just about any aspect ratio. Also, they can use multiple designs to put the cards together on the screen.

The width and height of the card can be made variable to suit the screen size or one of them can be fixed while the other is variable. The card designs that have dominated the designing in 2016 have provided excellent web experience to the users.