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Vibration monitoring equipment

Vibration monitoring equipment

Are you looking for answers to how to ensure the safety of rotating parts and prolong their life? If your answer to the previous question is yeas then you have landed on the right page because here we will give answers to some of your most pertinent questions. The short answer to the original question is by installing vibration monitoring system in rotating machines such as pumps, turbines, fans etc. Such equipment can be installed in single channel or multi-channel configurations.

If a heavy machine like a turbine or a pump gets damaged, their replacement cost can be huge; hence you can save your money and energy by having a vibration monitoring equipment installed at least for the rotating machines.

These monitors can be installed permanently or can be used along with a portable vibration monitors. They measures the total vibration that a machine experiences over different range of frequencies.The connection of the vibration monitoring equipment and the rotating machine can be easily done by a cable or plugging wire assembly

The vibration monitoring machines are very powerful devices which are built in stainless steel material. For turbines, which are at constant exposure to marine and other saline surroundings, a high anti corrosion DUPLEX steel is also a good option. There are many other options for machines which are constantly exposed to moisture and sub-zero temperatures.

The biggest advantage of these monitors is that they are perfectly suited for any kind of area including the hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants. Similarly they also work very well in dusty areas such as a sewage treatment plants. If there is ample of space then these standard cylindrical style body can be installed but if there is restricted amount of space available then a monitor whose diameter and height is less can be used.