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ODA New York Proposes Irregular Glass Towers for Brooklyn Waterfront

Brooklyn neighbourhood Williamsburg is to receive a striking addition to its skyline in the form of three glass towers composed of irregularly stacked blocks. The complex has been designed by American architecture firm ODA New York, with construction commencing in December and the final completion anticipated by 2018.

ODA New York Proposes Irregular Glass Towers for Brooklyn Waterfront

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Deconstructivism on the Rise?

Developing a recent trend of breaking with contiguous glass-and-steel facades, the design of the residential towers at 420 Kent Street takes visual cues from buildings such as the City of Capitals skyscrapers in Moscow and much earlier landmark buildings like Habitat 67 in Montreal. The planned towers will each be 16 storeys high and are to be placed on a former industrial site located just south of the famous Williamsburg Bridge.

The three towers at 420 Kent, as the complex has been called, cleverly incorporate a series of protrusions and recesses to increase the number of apartments with outward-facing corner walls, thus giving residents expansive views over the city of New York, including the bridge, the East River and the skyline of Manhattan. The top of each protruding section will be used to create roof garden terraces for tenants to enjoy – and any green space in a metropolis the size of New York will surely be welcomed.

Architectural Tools

The creation of a building in which almost every apartment has an exterior corner was achieved by creating two floor plans which mirror each other and then rotating them in different directions along the vertical central axis of each tower to create a multi-dimensional exterior. Drawing such a structure would be a challenge for anyone, but designers nowadays have a wealth of 3D architect tools to aid them. 3D renderings of planned buildings have become a common sight and are produced by companies such as

Such images of 420 Kent have recently been released and are used by architects as part of the design process to help the rest of us and, perhaps most importantly, the planning committee, visualise the building. When finished, 420 Kent will create 800,000sqft of space across 857 rental apartments. 20 per cent of these are slated to be marketed at below-market rents, which, although unusual, is a good step in the direction of solving the problem of booming rents across New York.

Working in the Catering Industry

Within the catering industry as a whole, there are a number of different types of business where your skills could be put to good use. Whether you want to work in commercial catering, behind a bar, open a mobile takeaway, serve tables in a restaurant or even open your own restaurant, there are a huge number of opportunities.

Working in the Catering Industry

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Although there are some in the catering sector who have previously worked in other professions, there are also many young people who are keen and willing to learn and who have chosen the catering industry from the outset. It is important for both young people and their employers in the catering sector to understand the law relating to the employment of young people, and Citizens’ Advice provides guidance relating to the employment of young people and children so that everyone is clear about their rights and obligations.

Qualifications and Pay

Regardless of your age, you may find that you need some qualifications for your chosen career in the catering sector. There are a huge number of qualifications on offer including hospitality, bar-tending and professional cookery. In addition, anyone working with and handling food is required by law to have had food hygiene training. For anyone starting out in this industry, experience can be a huge advantage, so doing work experience alongside gaining qualifications is always a good idea. Many of those who work in the commercial catering sector tend to be women and are generally paid at the lower end of the scale. However, this looks set to change with the launch of a competitive fund by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills for employers in this sector to help them increase pay and levels of job satisfaction among their female workers. Areas of the sector where pay tends to be better include the hospitality industry, or alternatively if you work for a chain of restaurants or hotels, then there is probably greater scope for career progression and salary increases.

Equipment and Premises

Depending which area of catering you decide to focus on, particularly if you intend to work in commercial catering, you may need to invest in some equipment as well as qualifications. You may also need to invest in suitable premises. Depending on the sort of catering, the equipment you might need could include coffee machines, cookers or even commercial dishwashers such as those available from 247cateringsupplies If you are planning to open a restaurant or cafe, then you will also need a budget for tables, chairs, tableware and cutlery as well as a stock of food and drink. Alternatively, you might be content with working for someone else’s business and enjoying a career in this varied industry without any of the stress that can come with being self-employed and running your own business.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to start a career in some aspect of the catering industry and make a valuable contribution to the economy and the country as whole.

Increase Capital Efficiency By Hiring Accounting Professionals

Capital is a necessity for business productivity. Business owners may have many attributes, but they may not be experts on how to maximize the efficiency of their money. Professional accountants can teach companies how to use their money more efficiently.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

The business world establishes certain basic fundamental standards, principles and norms. In order to operate effectively in this capitalistic system, your firm must be in compliance. Professional accountants can review your books to determine whether you are following the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Once you have received your business loan, you will need to use the money in the most efficient ways possible. Banks or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might audit your books to see if you are properly using the funds. By finding a professional off of the “ – Accountant Directory,” you can optimize your capital resources.

Tax Deductions

Each year, there might be special deductions, exemptions and write-offs that could save your company money. You could discuss equipment depreciation and how the company might want to plan future investments with a well-qualified accountant. A professional accountant can open the doors to other capital lending sources, which you had not previously contemplated.

Be Pro-Active in Handling Money Issues

All business owners have their hopes, goals and dreams. If your balance sheet is not as healthy as you had hoped, a good accountant might be able to help. Ensure that your profit and loss statements are completely accurate and well-balanced. Some accountants are experts at training others to perform basic calculating functions. They might be able to advise on you the best accounting software programs.

Improve your financial disclosures, especially around tax time. Discover what can be categorized as goodwill. It is also wise to hire an accountant to help you with mergers and acquisitions. Reconcile different accounting books and start the new corporate entity on a solid foundation.

Comprehensive Accountant Directory

The “ – Accountant Directory” is a detailed listing of California accountants. Unlike other groupings, this accountant directory has a more complete description of the individual’s skill sets, proficiency and experience levels. This makes it easier to find the ideal match for your function, project or company.

Since all of the accountants are listed by specialty or location, it is easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Compare accountants side-by-side to determine who would be the ideal fit. Once you have found the right accountant, you can contact them to continue the hiring process.

Wireless Security Cameras and the Great Benefits

Wireless Security Cameras and the Great Benefits

Every home and business needs security system for optimal protection. A wireless security camera is one of the systems that can be chosen for optimal protection. It will effectively prevent criminal acts and catch the criminals. Besides, the security cameras today have been improved in the accessibility and the placement for the technology breakthrough. It has been expanded rapidly today, including the wireless security cameras Colorado Springs and the surveillance footage has been used and captured everywhere virtually.

Types of Wireless Security Cameras

The wireless security cameras don’t need wiring system throughout the ceilings and walls for sending the footage to the source of recording. The security system use an antenna that works in sending the data to the monitor receiver with DVR or VCR hard drive connection. Like other types of video monitoring systems, the cameras can be obvious and large or in the seamless type that blends to the environment. The wireless cameras are available in the designs like common objects such as tissue boxes, clocks, DVD players, lamps, and also TV.

Other type of wireless security cameras also come with built-in recording features. For instance, the Micro Eyes Color DVR that comes with SD slot that can directly record videos in high quality to the camera’s card.

The Function of Wireless Security Cameras

Homes and business environments could have wireless security cameras. Manufacturers of security cameras, including the surveillance camera Denver produce the security system in kinds of function. For homeowners could install the security system to feel much safety, monitoring their home from other place, etc. Meanwhile, businesses install the security cameras for footage for investigations and live protection. Most major buildings, business buildings, casinos and many other public places are installed security cameras for ongoing activities monitoring. For investigators who need to get videotape or other surveillance purposes also use the wireless security cameras.

The Features in Wireless Security Cameras

There are a wide selections of wireless security camera options and each of them come in different price. Most security cameras come in black and white colors. However, you can have the footage in the best quality if you choose the colorful cameras. Besides, night vision is also the most common feature had by wireless security cameras; it captures footages overnight. On the other hand, you also can choose a security camera with motion sensor feature. It will only turn on the recording when the motion sensor catch a motion. This feature will save the space of the disc. Furthermore, you also can choose a camera with rotation feature if needed.

The Benefits of Wireless Security Cameras

The main benefit of this security camera is certainly the wireless. It eases the owner to place the cameras at any angle and location to recover footage. The easiness of installation will prevent blind spots that may be made by cameras for the wrong position installation. As a security camera, the wireless type is also the one that effectively prevents crimes as well as make easier a criminal case uncovering. For the great benefits, you may need it for your home as well as business building. Find the best provider to get the best deals of wireless security cameras Colorado Springs.

Take Your MLM Company to the Next Level

Whether you’re just starting with your first MLM company, or you’ve had multiple successful MLM companies, you know they key to success lies in recruiting.  The key to MLM recruiting success is simple: asking questions.  Most people struggle with building their company/team because they think it’s about selling someone a kit or package.  The essence of recruiting is finding people with the right mindset, ready to change their lives.

Here are a few questions you can ask to find those people and recruit them to your network.

  1. Are you interested in exploring a way to make extra income on the side?
  2. What recently changed in your life that has you exploring a home business?
  3. Ever wonder what it would be like to have what you really want in life?
  4. Do you wish there was a way you could spend more time with your family?
  5. Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world?
  6. Did you know there are ways to create income while you sleep?
  7. If you could do anything, what would your perfect job be?
  8. Are you serious about taking control of your life?
  9. I’m looking for a great [fill in the blank] expert to work with in my home business, do you know any?
  10. Would you be interested in getting paid to help people?
  11. Do you see yourself in the same job 20 years from now?
  12. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you spend your time doing?
  13. What are your goals for the year?  Why?
  14. What do you hope to get out of a home business?
  15. What challenges have you faced in earning extra income in the past?

These are just a few questions you can ask potential team members to get the conversation going about joining your MLM company.  The key is to learn what people really want, and show them why joining your company can help them get it.

Whether you are trying to learn new ideas for your business or would like to share information with your MLM marketing team, these questions are just the beginning.