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Customer Service Call Centers Helps Businesses Grow

Customer Service Call Centers

As your business grows, you would be wise to consider using an outsourced customer call center. When a customer wants to speak to your company, the first thing they are likely to do is to call for an inquiry. With a growing business, your company will need to answer many calls, and the customers will be trying to get through to an answer, as soon as they can. This is where the service of a call center comes in. The call center is looking forward to it that all calls are attended according to the standards of the company. The greater the success rate of getting all the calls answered is, the less issues and more gains for your company you will have.

When is the Time to Consider Outsourcing?

This is the time to look for outsourcing. A customer service call center can handle all your incoming calls from its purpose-built center, while your customers feel that they are getting through to your office.

Trained to give appropriate customer support and advice, the call center workers release you from the burden of the front-line contact.

They can also provide you with the outbound calls for telemarketing, canvassing, cold calling and market research. Call center Service Company ensures that you get a customized package, designed to meet your company’s needs.

A simple concept

The concept is simple. These agents are given their own workstation in the customer service call center, and they are being provided with the telephones and headsets. This station, through a telecom switch connection, links to multiple supervisor stations, as well. The front line agent makes or receives a call as if they were a person from your company’s staff. The clients, believe that they are getting a fast, efficient service, directly from your company.


You can provide this service to your customers using their spoken language. A company like Callnovo can offer inbound and outbound calls in English, Chinese, Spanish and other languages. This is a great advantage that makes you being able to attract customers from abroad in a way you cannot achieve from your office.

Cost Cutting

From a financial point of view, companies save more money, and increase their productivity significantly. The use of a customer service call center allows your company’s staff to stay focused on other tasks. Customer call center companies are designed not only to answer the queries, but they can also take orders and payments. If needed, they can forward the calls through, to other departments.

As the call center works from its own location, your expenses are reduced: There is no outlay on equipment, as you just pay them for their services. Customers can also contact your company 24/7.

Increased productivity

The average call center agent can make or receive up to 80 calls a day. This is usually not something that can be achieved using common office staff and telephones. There is a potential for creating new businesses when you acquire the services of a call center. In fact, the retention rate for existing customers is higher. Even if you main office is short staffed, you do not have to worry about losing out on customers. Your own staff can work on core operations that can help in further expanding your business.

Amazing for customer research

You can ask a customer service call center to keep and record the customer data, thus aiding your market research for your company. Pleasure and dissatisfaction can also be tracked, so you can work on promotion and improvement with the staff you have onsite.

Definitely the way to go

Using a call center is the way to go for the dynamic companies that want to improve their image and do the best for their customers. Always choose a call center company with a professional track record, and the one that is offering a high standard service. It is worth contacting Callnovo now, to discuss what they can do for your business.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of therapeutic exercises that focuses on the stability posture, control, balance, and promotion of optimal body movement patterns. Clinical Pilates has been clinically proven to help reduce pain as well as improve the function in people with chronic pain or acute injuries. It is also used by dancers and elite athletes to help improve essential movement patterns, enhance their performance and fitness as well as assist in injury prevention. Developed by an Australian physiotherapist, clinical Pilates combines current physiotherapy with traditional Pilates to help you strengthen your core whilst as well as help you improve your flexibility and balance to help your body function optimally. It offers a system of exercises that are effective, safe and highly specific and are appropriate for all ages. It has stages meaning that you can progress through so as to improve your strength control and healing.

Clinical Pilates

Who can benefit from clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates can be performed by people of all ages to help increase their strength, flexibly as well as strengthening postural muscles. However this program is specifically beneficial to people with the following conditions.

· Shoulder and neck pain

· Low back pain

· Pelvic floor weakness

· People with low bone density (osteoporosis)

· Ante and post natal  

· People who want to prevent postural decline

· Sports injuries

· After surgery

Forms of clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates come in many forms so that its benefits can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They include

1. Mat work

Mat work is usually performed on the floor using nothing but yoga mat. This form of clinical Pilates was originally designed to help those people who were not able to mat work properly. Mat work uses body weight and gravity to act as resistance. It is often taught as a group class but it can sometimes be incorporated in studio programs.

2. Treatment sessions

This form of clinical Pilates uses Pilates reformer to assist in reestablishing movement patterns especially to an injured person. Treatment session is mostly used by athletes who are coming back from surgery of the spine or hip and need a rehab program to help them recover. It can also be used by elite athletes to strengthen their muscles and also work on weakness in mobility throughout the body thus enhancing their overall performance. Dancers can also use treatments session to enhance their dancing techniques as well as make themselves more injury proof.

3. Independent sessions

Through the help of a qualified physiotherapist, you can develop your own independent session using clinical equipment combined with mat work exercises. However, independent session are only recommend if you are confident with your specific program. In independent sessions, you will use studio facilities to train on your own. However, a physiotherapist will monitor you regularly to see your progress and also prescribe more advance exercises as you progress.

What are the benefits of clinical Pilates?

There are many reports on health benefits of clinical Pilates, however, very few of these reports are subject to rigorous scientific examination. However, some of the proven benefit of clinical Pilates are: 

· Treatment and prevention of back pain

· Resolution of spinal pain

· Fall prevention

· Enhanced pelvic floor function and core stability.

· Enhance movement, flexibility and balance especially to elderly.

· Increased bone density

· Muscle toning without adding bulk.

· Improved breathing 

· Improved performance and fitness

Difference between clinical Pilates and regular Pilates

Clinical Pilates is usually prescribed by a qualified exercises physiologist or physiotherapist whereas regular Pilates is usually conducted by a Pilates instructor. The difference is crucial because unlike Pilate instructor, a trained physiotherapist has in-depth knowledge on body function, injury, pathology movement pattern as well as helping. This knowledge allows the physiotherapist to carefully assess the patient in order to determine an exercise that will be most effective. Clinical Pilates is particularly important for people who have injury history. The physiotherapist will prescribe exercises according to your medical history so as to help you recover faster.

What will happened if you decide to perform clinical Pilates?

Once you make that decision to participate in clinical plates, an individual assessment will be conducted by the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will then design a customized clinical program to suit your individual needs. You will join a group (maximum 3 participants) and you will be monitored closely by the physiotherapist and also give you more challenging tasks as you progress.

How to Make Student Living a Little More Affordable

How to Make Student Living a Little More Affordable

With the notable exception of a privileged few, making ends meet and generally getting by on a student budget represents the mother of all challenges for almost every student. It’s a cliché subject to say the least, but nonetheless one of incredible importance and relevance to millions of young adults up and down the country.

Of course there will always be those who insist on living over and above their means, for whom a future of unfortunate debt and credit score damage is largely inevitable. But at the same time, even those who genuinely try as hard as they can to live sensibly and frugally will often find themselves without so much as two pennies to rub together by the time their bills are paid.

Even the professionals admit that getting by as a student isn’t easy, but at the same time insist that there are endless opportunities for making savings that most students simply do not explore. Some are more obvious than others, but in all cases it’s a matter of taking advantage of the small to moderate savings here and there, which over the long term can add up quite dramatically.

Here are six examples to illustrate the point:

1 – Choose a Sensible Place

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to acknowledge the fact that your ideal student accommodation in Aberdeen may not in fact be accommodation you can afford. Just because the cash you have will technically allow you to pay your bills each month doesn’t mean you’ll get by. After all, there’s far more to consider with regard to expenses at university than rent and bills alone. From books to bus fares to grocery shopping and so on, being realistic and sensible when it comes to the place you choose really is of extreme importance.

2 – Keep Yourself Busy

Something else to remember is that no matter who you are and what you do, boredom can be very expensive. The simple fact of the matter is that when you are bored, you instinctively look for ways and means to quell the boredom – even if it means making decisions that aren’t exactly sensible. Some turn to food, others find themselves needlessly spending money on pretty much anything they can think of that might break the boredom temporarily. By contrast, if you stay as busy as possible for as long as possible, you limit the amount of time you have to make unwise spending decisions.

3 – Wrap Up Well

The simplest and most effective tip in the world when it comes to reducing heating bills is to put on more clothes. It sounds almost ludicrously obvious and indeed it is. Nevertheless, millions of people still find themselves relentlessly complaining every month when their heating bills are off the scale, despite the fact that they spent the entire month sitting around in their underwear with the heating on full blast!

4 – Cook in Bulk

If you can get yourself into the habit of both shopping for groceries in bulk and cooking in bulk, you will stack up considerable savings in no time at all. This is basically student living 101, as not only can cooking in bulk save you a fortune, it will also save you a hell of a lot of time during periods when you really do not have much time to spare. It really isn’t rocket science – you buy in bulk to save money, you cook in bulk when you have some spare time and you freeze portions of whatever it is you come up with for the future. Simple, obvious and fantastically frugal!

5 – Use Your Discounts

Bizarre as it may sound, research suggests that the overwhelming majority of students up and down the United Kingdom do not even scratch the surface when it comes to student discounts. The reason being that in most instances, they hang around waiting for the discounts they really want, rather than making use of the discounts that are available. It really doesn’t matter if H&M or Subway aren’t your favourite brands, if the discounts are good enough, MAKE them your favourites!

6 – Weekends at Home?

Last but not least, if you’re lucky enough to have a doting family at home that simply cannot get enough of your glorious presence, this is really something to take advantage of for as long as possible. Not only because there’s really nothing quite like basking in the glow of family fun times, but also the fact that every hour you spend at home isn’t an hour you’re spending money at university. It might sound cheeky, but you can also think of it as something of a community service where everyone wins!

Making a Statement with a Roll Up Banner Stand

Thedisplayoutlet 5.1jpeg

There is no doubt that a lot of money goes into your marketing media and especially when you are having banners produced. There are many different places where banners are used and how they are presented is critically important to their success. If you are travelling with your banners such as going to different events and like conventions for example then you are definitely going to want to rely on the roll up banner stand.

While the banner and the media contents is highly important so is the proper presentation. You want to choose a retractable banner stand that is going to enhance but not overpower the message that the banner is delivering. You want to take some time to choose the proper roll up banner stand in accordance to the size of the banner itself.
Thedisplayoutlet 5.2jpeg

You’re going to find that these really range in price and you can go from something a very simple such as an economy banner stand or go larger to something like an 8 foot Adjustable Telescopic Tradeshow Banner Stand which is really eye-catching in itself. You want to do everything possible by attracting the attention to your marketing media.

One of the most economical and time efficient ways of doing this is with a rollup retractable aluminum banner stand. There are several different choices when it comes to the rollup style and in order to make your choice there are a few things that you are going to want to consider.
Thedisplayoutlet 5.3jpeg

You need to look at the style that is going to best suit you and also the easiest to handle and also stay within your budget. Again size is going to be important to you and you want to make sure that you buy a quality rollup banner stand, otherwise the inferior materials that it is made up are going to detract away from the message that you are trying to deliver through your banner media. For some great roll up banner stand selections as well as other types of display media be sure to visit