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How Healthcare Professionals Can Use Mobile Telemetry to Offer Better Services to Their Patients

Telemetry presents a modern piece of technology that allows transmission and receiving of measured data. Telemetry design allows for remote monitoring of equipment parameters and data. The telemetry sensors transmit data using signals from the equipment to a display point. There is a variety of application of mobile telemetry today. The international space station uses telemetry to monitor astronauts in space to ensure proper working conditions. In medicine, telemetry equipment has enabled healthcare workers to keep track of the health of their patients from remote locations.

Telemetry equipment

Mobile telemetry equipment consists of two crucial pieces, the monitor and the receiver. The monitor contains a wireless transmitter that sends data signals to the receiver where the data converts into an interpretable form for the device holder. The monitor is a small portable box that attach to the patient like a bracelet, collar or anklet. In healthcare, the telemetry monitor detects the heart rate and rhythm for patients with heart problems or at great risk. It helps doctors monitor the heart activity.

The monitor attaches to the patient using electrodes on the arms or chest and the patient can place it in their pocket. It does not restrict movement and patients can use the restroom while wearing the monitor.

Telemetry monitor notification

The telemetry monitor detects abnormal heartbeats and can create a rhythm strip of the patient’s heartbeat for the doctor to review. In case the alarm sounds, the doctor or nurse can go and check on the patient. With mobile telemetry devices, you can receive a notification through your mobile phone or tab.

Data log

The telemetry monitor can create a data log of the patient’s heart activity. It would be impossible to monitor heart rate any other way and get the same level of continuity and accuracy of a telemetry monitor. The data log can be useful in:

  • Diagnosing or ruling out heart conditions
  • Determining the efficacy of administered medication: The data log shows how fast as well as how much the patient responds to anti arrhythmic medication. From this information, the doctor can decide to increase or reduce the dosage or even stop the medication all together.
  • Finding out the causes of abnormal heart activity, especially if they are situational: sometimes patients experience abnormal heart activity due to stressful situations.

New application of telemetry in healthcare

One of the latest applications of telemetry is the use of telemetry equipment in studying the nervous system (neurophysiology) by recording bioelectrical activity. This activity can be stimulated or spontaneous. This form of telemetry aims at diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the nervous systems before the physical signs and symptoms. Doctors can literally stop the progression of the condition before it begins. Currently, it the technology is useful as a preventive medicine measure. This technology has found application to monitoring epilepsy and newborn intensive care units.


Jeremy Graham is a cardiologist and one of the pioneer users of Mobile telemetry technology in health care. You can read more about mobile telemetry from his blog.

The Job of a Patent Attorney

The Job of a Patent Attorney

If you want to obtain a patent for your invention, you must consult and hire the services of a patent lawyer.

The journey of a patent lawyer

Patent agents or patent lawyers, after obtaining a degree in science or engineering (chemical engineering for example), are those who passed the patent bar. In some countries (like Australia and New Zealand) they have to undergo a series of technical workshops accredited by the Professional Standards Board.

Experienced patent lawyers have undergone apprenticeship training. Writing, filing, and defending patent applications or patent registrations require years of training in the patent laws.

Legal services and representation

Patent lawyers possess knowledge about patent laws, rules and other technical procedures involving patent applications; they know how the patent office works; they are admitted as lawyers in one of the states in the U.S.

Their job is to represent you in United State Patent Office; they are responsible for filing patent applications and oppositions to patent registrations. Furthermore, they also represent you in court if you want to sue another person for patent infringement (or in case you are sued). Court proceedings are hard to understand, especially for laymen. Hence, you need patent lawyers to represent, file and defend your legal action in court. Patent lawyers possess degrees in science or engineering. Therefore, you can also consult them on how you can enhance or improve your invention. They can also help you with your research on your invention.

Patent lawyers make your patent application easier and hassle free. They are responsible for following up your patent applications with the proper government agencies. Once you hire a patent lawyer, you are required to give him general or special power of attorneys and other authorization papers.

Actually, the patent office will not communicate to you any concerns that they might have regarding your patent application. They will instead communicate them to your representative (i.e. your patent lawyer). In this way, you can ensure that your patent application process will be finished as soon as possible. Hence, make sure that you regularly communicate with your patent lawyer.

Confidential relationship

There is also what is called the “Attorney-client privilege”. All lawyers, not only patent lawyers, are required to maintain a confidential relationship with their clients. This is to ensure that the client will trust his attorney and disclose all the facts necessary and essential for his legal steps and actions (in your case, the facts and other information required for your patent application.). Hence, inventors are assured that their patent lawyers will not make a disclosure of any information that will endanger their patent application.

Tips in finding the best legal services for patent application

In finding a good patent lawyer who can help you with your patent application, you must choose those who are articulate enough and those who can deeply understand your invention and its technical features. For example, if your invention pertains to medicine, you may want to look for a patent attorney who has a degree or background in medical technology. It is always an advantage but is not really necessary to obtain a patent.

Set boundaries and discuss any expectations with your patent lawyer. If there are any concerns that you might have regarding your patent application, don’t hesitate to communicate them to your patent lawyer.

Do you have a friend who knows many lawyers? Ask him for referrals. If you want to save money, look for patent lawyers in small cities. Patent lawyers in the West Coast, for example, demand higher legal fees than those in the Midwest. Keep in mind though that the patent application process is generally govern by federal laws. Hence, your location would not really matter.

Don’t count yourself out yet because you are still an expert in the technology of your invention. You must know by heart the advantages, disadvantages and features of your invention. Don’t expect that your patent attorney will do all the job. Search for prior patents and know how they differ with your invention.

Know the pros and cons of working with large law firms and independent practitioners. Independent practitioners demand cheaper legal fees compared to large law firms. In large law firms however, you will be able to work with seasoned and experienced patent lawyers. Take into account all the factors and see for yourself what kind of legal service can best accommodate your patent application.

Check out In this website, you can customize your search by entering your desired parameters and geographical location. You will be given a short list of qualified lawyers as well. Google these lawyers and know their reputations with regards to law (not only patent) practice so you can determine whether they are accommodating and whether they really are experts in patent law practice.

However, be wary of unscrupulous patent lawyers. Avoid patent lawyers who insist an In-house search. They have their own patent searching system which can make it appear that there are no existing patents or pending patent applications for your invention.

Luckyposting service – efficient guest posting planning tool

Unlike the announced fading of guest blogging era guest posts still remain the best way to promote your name in terms of marketing, branding and audience enrichment.
Being a website owner one has a lack of time and a need for quality posts. New audience capture, interest and authority maintenance of the regular audience are primary targets of website promotion. Profit is governed by all above-listed factors. The lack of knowledge and time are the bitterest enemies of website owners. At first glance it is impossible to pass round the extreme ends of such enemies. But there is a way out – appeal to the help of Luckyposting service. Website SEO needs a no-nonsense planned to the smallest details approach. It is idle to expect only a breakthrough in this matter.

Why quality guest posting is so efficient?

To attain an outrank website should have content that meets interests of its readers. It is necessary to find and publish only fresh information, its colorful eye-catching presentation for gaining attention of the reader. Unfortunately currently there exists information surfeit that leads to distracted attention of the main audience. Important implication is attached to right choice of article heading and its content. Experts of Luckyposting guest posts service offer writing of unique valuable information within one’s pocket. Multi-segment team is high skilled and starts with the analysis of site thematic priorities. Then the most interesting and in-demand subjects of post writing are picked out.

How to pick the right blog for your post?

A website promotion can be accomplished by guest posts on blogs that are focused on the similar subject. Luckyposting experts conduct thorough investigation of existent blogs and offer the most relevant ones. Flippant attitude to this issue leads to audience loss, as uninterested and undeceived reader loses interest to the resource. Henceforth such reader will search for other resources and won’t recommend the initial one. It goes without saying that the service is willing to catch your reader exactly.

How does Luckyposting stand out among others?

The common scheme of guest-posting utilization involves website owner’s permission to post raw data sometimes by unknown bloggers. It is rather risky, as one can’t be sure that unknown blogger is competent in each specific question and content of their posts can be unworthy of belief. The main target of website owners’ is to improve resource statistics by publishing quality content. A need to validate such posts before their publication arises. Further pre-post validation takes a good deal of time. The main advantages of appealing to Luckyposting service are lack of necessity for pre-post review, strong confidence in experts’ qualification and high rate of order fulfillment. Shareworthy posts will attract new followers, assure stable traffic development, backlinks and resource credibility. Another advantage is that the service offers convenient social media integration.

Are there any risks?

There is always an issue of risk, especially when google continues to fight link trading through guest posting. Fortunately, the main idea of Luckyposting is not to trade traffic and exchange links, but to make you notorious inside your target audience. Carefull approach to writing, no automized articles and sincere desire to write the best of it makes it a good choice among similar services.

How to Convert ‘Heavy’ PNG Pictures to JPG for Online Businesses with the Movavi Video Converter for Windows

Over the years PNG has become a very widely used image file format due to its ‘lossless’ compression along with its support for transparency. However that comes at a price – and PNG files can be ‘heavy’ in terms of size, and eat into storage space. If you’re running an online business, this could prove to be a big disadvantage – since you want to cater to people who have slower internet connections as well.


The solution is simple though: Convert your ‘heavy’ PNG pictures to JPG instead. Granted with JPG there will be a slight reduction in quality but for most ordinary purposes it is almost unnoticeable. More importantly however JPG will significantly improve the file size and make it much smaller and ‘lighter’. Long story short, the images that your online business uses will be more accessible to a wider audience – which is always a good thing.

To convert PNG to JPG with the Movavi Video Converter for Windows, all that you need to do is:

  1. Add the images that you want to convert by clicking on the ‘Add Image’ button and selecting them.
  2. Go to the ‘Convert to’ dropdown list and select ‘JPEG Image’ under the ‘Image formats’ category.
  3. Specify the destination folder where you’d like the images to be saved in the ‘Destination’ field.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process.

See – it just takes a few clicks and your PNG images will be converted to JPG so that you can use them without having to worry about the impact that they’ll have on your business. If you feel that you could use more comprehensive instructions, head over to:

Frankly speaking, you’ll find that the Movavi Video Converter for Windows really does put a ton of attractive options at your fingertips – including being able to convert audio, create animated GIFs, extract audio from video, edit video clips, and much more. Because it is so intuitive and easy to use, you should have no problem putting these features to good use.

The Business Value in Purchasing a Sam’s Club Membership

You may know the giant warehouse retailer, Sam’s Club. The membership-only store offers products and food in bulk at a lower rate than traditional retailers. But do you know you can purchase a business membership? Did you know this type offers discounts on business-related services?

While there is an annual $45 annual cost, the membership offers a complete business center of services. Some services include legal, tax and accounting, payroll, check printing, identity protection, and group health insurance. If you’re starting a new business, you may be interested in their business loans or in creating a new website. Here are some exciting features to consider:

  • Exclusive Access to Business Financing: Members enjoy access to exclusive financing offers. This includes business loan, SBA loans, and business credit cards. Financing providers are SmartBiz, LendingClub, and Sam’s Club Business Credit Cards, You can apply quickly, and get funds fast. The APR starts at 6.95 percent. Loans can range from $5,000 to $350,000.Members save 20 percent off LendingClub fees, and up to $2,800 off SmartBiz.
  • Deep Discount on Website Creation: If you’re ready to design a business website, you can try their online marketing solutions, which includes your own site powered by The website builder is only $1 for the first month. It includes a free domain name, business email address, unlimited web storage, professional stock photo library. You can customize your site with a choice of hundreds of different templates. If you have questions or would like a website evaluation, you can talk online to their online coach. If you don’t have the time or interest in building it, you can request a free consultation with their marketing specialist.
  • With a business membership, you’ll enjoy savings on tangible items, as well as have access to important business-related services and online products. You can even save more with Sam’s Club coupons!

With all of the discount prices, a Sam’s Club membership sounds like a smart move for your business needs.