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Working from Home Is It a Good Choice?

With increasing numbers of people working from home these home-based busineses are increasingly being viewed as both highly professional and a good alternative to the 9-5 drudge, especially for those with long commutes to London and other major cities.

A small business run from home can appear larger and more professional that in the past when it is an internet-based business with a great quality website and a strong social media presence. Many small companies with less than 5 employees are able to offer excellent goods or services at much lower cost to the consumer because they do not have the overheads of large businesses with the associated costs of retail space and warehouse space. But is working from home as easy as it seems and as fulfilling as working in a larger organisation.

self storage in London

A company the supplies self storage in London and the surrounding areas has found that large numbers of its customers are, in fact, small business owners looking to store stock in a secure, easily accessible place. Many of these business owners have been highly successful in the online marketplace and can no longer store their stock at home or in their garage because they have simply run out of space or become disillusioned with their business encroaching on their home life.

This is the downside of living the “dream” by working from home. Your personal space is no longer your own but is used for storage; it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the day, especially for internet-based businesses with constant access to customer orders and queries. For those previously used to a busy office environment it can also be an isolating experience.

And yet many small business owners continue to work from home, despite the downsides, simply because they do not want to spend their hard-earned cash renting office, warehouse or studio space. Renting cheap self-storage units for their stock is much more affordable and flexible, allowing them to increase or reduce the amount of space they need, more or less instantly.

Four simple steps to establish feasibility of your startup business

Four simple steps to establish feasibility of your startup business

Feasibility studies can take large corporations a long time to do properly, with the more complex taking as long as a few years with the help of outside consultancies. Smaller operations, however, can perform a simple feasibility study over the course of a few days.

Whatever the size of the operation, and the amount of time involved, the person carrying out the study needs the ability to remain detached and impartial as four important tasks are carried out:

Size up the competition

The first important step of any feasibility is the examination of the market that you are in, and the competition that is populating it. There a lot of failed, or struggling entrepreneurs out there that have made the mistake of thinking that their product or service was, in some way, unique and they had no competition. The truth is, whatever product you come up with, it probably already exists in some form or another. You should be confident then that your product is unique enough to attract, and retain, paying customers.

Examine your business model closely

Now that you have assessed your competition, and discovered whether or not your current team can handle the required tasks and assignments, it is time to see if your business model can stand the test of time. Your accountant can help you determine whether or not a business can be profitable enough to stay in business for an extended period of time. You might be able to make an assessment yourself but a study by accountants in north london shows that new business owners are too close to their idea to make an impartial judgement. The product needs to be examined by an independent 3rd party such as your accountant; does it require a change, now or at some other point in the future, to itself or its delivery that will render it useless as a viable product within the business? If you are concerned about the costs of hiring a chartered accountant then look for ones that offer a fixed fee accounting service so you know upfront what you will have to pay.

Look for a way out!

Many, no all, venture capitalists and investors like money. More than that, they like to be able to cash out when they need or want to in order to move on to the next venture. Feasibility studies usually include an exit strategy for this very reason, to let the investors know when they can have their money without crippling the business they just helped to create.

Explore technical requirements

Having a firm grasp of the market, and the requirements of your industry, does not guarantee that you are going to be able to meet the needs of your customer. There may well be technical limitations that you had not foreseen, and that you may not be able to handle internally. This stage of a feasibility study will identify any parts of your venture that need to be handled by a third party, for example. As you are exploring your technical requirements, it can be a good idea to estimate costs and resources involved, so you can understand what impact these issues will have on the cost effectiveness of the business.

8 Smart Ways to Help You in Getting Financially Fit

Managing your finances is not an easy task. To successfully carry it out, you must be tough, principled and focused. You must also have the right information at your fingertips. If you are clueless in the art of saving money and avoiding bankruptcy, here are eight tips that can help you change your financial mindset.

1. Credit card debts can ruin you if you do not take immediate action.

If you are having a lot of credit card debts and you do not know where to start, contact each creditor you owe and have them switch all the due dates on the same time. This way, you will be able to avoid defaults and end up paying late fees.

2. As much as possible, live within your means.

Begin sustainable spending habits immediately and at all times try and spend less than what you earn. Despite being an understandably difficult lifestyle change, the move will help you get on top of your debts sooner than you may imagine.

3. If you suspect that you will soon be declared bankrupt, try and save as much as much as you can.

A real saving will mainly help you sustain your basic needs until you recover financially. Besides, the amount will help you avoid running into more debts.

4. Always keep a detailed record of your credit score and rating.

Many people frequently assume that they can easily pay off their debts by refinancing or by applying more credit. The truth is that poor ratings often attract negative reviews from national credit regulatory bodies, and this typically leads to adverse loan application results. Thus, always keep track of your credit score and raise questions whenever you notice discrepancies.

5. If you are planning to on a shopping spree, make a detailed budget of what you intend to buy.

Budgeting helps one avoid impulse buying. Also, it helps shoppers keep track of the price changes and in the process make better buying decisions in the future.

6. If you have unnecessary assets within your home, convert them into cash and save the amount raised.

Many people do not realize that having redundant assets within their homes is to some extent costly. For example, if you have an extra car in your garage, you will most probably end up servicing it from time to time despite using it only ones or twice.

7. Always involve someone you trust when trying to solve your financial issues. 

Your spouse, brother, sister or even best friend can quickly help you learn different ways of staying out of debt. Your loved ones can also give you the much-needed shoulders to lean on as you go through the difficult financial phases. You can also seek help from reliable companies like Canterbury Law Group Family Law. Such companies frequently offer good financial pieces of advice to anyone who is need.

8. Pay off debts.

Any debt you owe will one day come back to haunt you. The best way to deal with debts is to pay them in full whenever an opportunity avails itself. You can make a one payment or installment payments depending on the agreement reached and your current financial status.

TinyOwl: Best Food Ordering App for All Foodies

Foodies, here is a good news for you as the best food delivery app is here which will bring the best food at your doorstep. TinyOwl has been designed for people who crave for food but are not able to reach to it due to their busy schedules and lifestyle. The hunger of your food can be satisfied with this app and all you have to do is work on the application and chose food outlets from where you can have some yummy food. Different forms of food and cuisines are available, and all you have to do is make a choice.

Features of the application

  • This food ordering app has been made in a user friendly manner such that every kind of customer can have access to it and make the most of it. The interface which is used for building up the application has least amount of confusion, so there are no chances that customer feels it a hassle to order food using this app.

  • The food delivery app is capable of tracking your location and within no time the restaurants and outlets located near your place is listed in front of you to choose the best options from the available ones. This feature works best and also helps you scroll down the available options such that you can decide if you wish to go to the outlet or order food from there.

  • The complete menu for every outlet is available at the food delivery app which you are scrolling down the application for food ordering. The prices along with the items are available in the menu, thus facilitating the users to make choice both on the basis of type of food and its prices.

  • Different modes of payment are available at the time of food ordering and customer has the option of making choice according to his comfort. Different modes of payment is included in the food ordering app i.e. cash payment, payment by way of debit or credit cards.

However, beginning to use this amazing food ordering app, user has to sign up his account which shall be owned by him personally. This account will save all the information related to his orders and addresses to which it was delivered. Food Delivery Bangalore has been made a lot easy with this app, but still if any of the customers faces any issue then the customer support department is available for the support of customers and to handle their query instantly.

What makes the application the best?

The mobile application has made things a lot easy and convenient for the users, that now they don’t feel a stress to order their favorite food. It is now a matter of some seconds and things are done and they need not have to look for directories and restaurants to find their number. Complete and consolidated information is available in the application itself, and user has to just make some phone taps and the whole process can be completed within sometime. Order from different restaurants can be placed, and payment to all of them can be made individually. Another best thing about the application is all of this is available to users without any charges or fees, which means customers have to pay just the exact amount of money which has been mentioned on bill of the restaurant.

Final say

From the above it is clear, that in such a busy schedule TinyOwl has emerged as one of the best and most useful solution when it comes to food ordering or finding suitable restaurants which contains your favorite cuisine at the best possible prices.

Why to get storage

Nowadays, people buy more and more things and the place for its storage is shrinking, the problem of overcrowded parking lots and traffic jams disturb the drivers every single day, even the problem of overpopulation is getting more nerve-racking. We do not know when to leave the house to get to work in time, ask the question of where to put the old TV or children’s toys. If you start a business you need a place to collect and keep your materials/equipment/goods. All these points may lead you to one great solution for any kind of problem – self storage.

You are a teenager who lives in the suburbs of Toronto and wants to move to any other place or move out from your parents? Cardboard boxes will help you in such a piece of fun, but when everything is packed you will ask yourself a question: where to put unnecessary things? For this purposes you can ask your friends to keep some things at their places but there is a much easier way. Get your own place to leave your stuff – a self storage. Moreover, if you face a problem of finding a place to live you can stay there for a couple of nights.

But if you are not a teenager, but a grown-up person who decided to buy a car you will definitely be looking for a safe place to leave your future car. Leaving the car near the house instead of a paid parking might be dangerous, and for sure you don’t want to find the car in the morning without the windscreen or cassette radio. Furthermore, more and more people buy cars every day in Canada and especially in large cities such as Toronto, so there is no doubt that one day there will be no place for parking. A self storage will solve all the problems. If you still hesitate, there are three more points why it is great:

  • The color of the car will not get damaged by the sun;
  • No rust because of water will appear on the car;
  • It is easier to start the car in the winter period, and no need to clean the windshield from the ice.

If you don’t have a car or you are not a teenager then you might think that there is no use in self storages. But you will become older one day and your children will grow up. Evidently more and more useless things will pile up in the house or flat and you surely do not want to become a trash-saver. Even if your old things are not trash but sport equipment, for example, still there is no better place for storing it than a separate building. More and more people in Toronto get separate storages today. It is very convenient to have all equipment or rarely-used things gathered in one place together so you have a possibility to use them whenever you might need them but they do not occupy any space at home.

And finally, self storages are indispensable if you decided to repair, renovate or redecorate your house. All the things that must not be damaged can be kept in a safe place until the repairs are done.

Jordan Houston, a blogger and personal finance expert, for Yorkdale storage in Toronto, writes about the advantages of using modern storage facilities. Read the article to find the reasons to rent a unit for your storage needs.